TikTokers Think Scar Might Have Eaten Mufasa In The Lion King

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Jan 2021 18:24
TikTokers Think Scar Might Have Eaten Mufasa In The Lion KingDisney

If you’re looking to have your childhood ruined then TikTok is here to help with a theory that suggests Scar might have eaten Mufasa in The Lion King. 

I’ve little doubt that seeing Mufasa fall to his death was one of the most devastating moments in many young people’s lives, but as the film goes on we have little time to consider what really happens to the original lion king’s body.


After Mufasa is lost to the stampede, there’s a scene in which Scar appears to be holding another lion’s skull. After doing some sleuthing into the diets of wild animals, TikTok user Christian alleges Scar actually ate his dead brother’s body.

Check out the theory below:


With a little help from Google, Christian says that hyenas don’t usually eat lions, suggesting Mufasa’s body wasn’t lost to the hungry scavengers we meet numerous times throughout the film.

He then points out that lions do eat other lions, citing Google as he reveals: ‘Carnivores do kill and eat other carnivores. A lot of the time the consumption of a rival is an act of dominance, particularly among lions.’

Lion KingDisney

This may suggest, then, that Scar ate his brother and kept his skull as a disturbing reminder of the role he played in his demise. The theory has hundreds of social media users convinced, with one writing: ‘I was today years old when I found out that Scar ATE Mufasa!!’


However, another TikTok user has since come forward to dismiss the claim, explaining that hyenas do eat lions if they can get them alone, as we later see in the film with Scar.

Check out his response below:

@straw_hat_goofy@classyking0 close but no cigar♬ original sound – Juju

He points out that the hyenas had beef with Mufasa after he prevented them from sinking their teeth into Simba, suggesting they then ‘ate that beef right off of the dead king.’

Neither theory is particularly reassuring, but they certainly provide some new ways of looking at the film.

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