Tiny Detail From Game Of Thrones Episode 2 Could Prove Sam Tarly Theory True

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I think everyone knows that Sam Tarly is one of the most important Game of Thrones characters.

He’s learning to be a Maester in Oldtown and is uncovering some pretty important stuff in the battle against the White Walkers.

We can almost see his future coming after he cures Jorah and tells him of the position of all that buried Dragonglass.

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What you might not have realised is what we’re actually seeing on screen, might have even more to do with Sam than first thought.

The clue is hidden before the beginning of every single episode.

The rotating Sun-things (official name) in the opening credits are actually present at Oldtown library and hang over Sam while he goes about his days burying his nose in books.

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Now that alone doesn’t really mean all that much but coupled with a little throwaway comment from Sam in the most recent episode, it might just have massive repercussions.

The scene in question is the conversation between Sam and Archmaester Marwyn.

In the scene, the Archmaester is telling Sam that a little ‘style’ is needed if people are going to be reading the histories that they write.

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Of course, he isn’t writing ‘ A Chronicle of the Wars of Following the Death of King Robert I’ just for nobody to read it.

Sam clearly isn’t best pleased with that title and drops this little line:

Mm, possibly something a bit more poetic?

Hmmm what could Sam possibly name his book? Could it be, oh I don’t know, A Game of Thrones?


Probably not, it’s more likely to be A Song of Ice and Fire, but still, that’s a nice theory.

What it means though is that everything we’re seeing now is Sam’s recollection of the historical events.

This actually means the credits make a whole lot more sense thematically.

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Why else would the Sun-things (again, official name) be hanging above the whole of Westeros?

They must be there because this documentation of Game of Thrones is Sam’s book, which is in the library at Oldtown, underneath the Sun-things!

If this all seems a bit far fetched then here’s the man himself, John Bradley, discussing it with The Hollywood Reporter in 2016:

If you take the logic of the story now, the story of Westeros and the story of the battle for the Iron Throne, it would be a book in that library.

The visual motif of that is you’re about to be told a story — the sense of an idea of being told a story, and people gaining that knowledge, the way Sam is absorbing knowledge in the library.


Mic drop.