Tiny Detail In Game Of Thrones Trailer Reveals Character Could Die In Next Episode


Warning: Potential Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

Game of ThronesHBO

The penultimate episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones is almost upon us, and that means that some serious fighting lies ahead.

We’ve come to expect twists and turns in the second-to-last episode of every season, and judging by the preview for the episode, we are not about to be disappointed.

The episode is titled ‘Death Is The Enemy’, which could have a couple of meanings.

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It could mean the obvious that the White Walkers and their band of not-so-merry men might just prove how all of the petty squabbles below the wall are daft compared to their impending evil?

What it might be, is a clue to an awful lot of death coming in the season to come?

But the preview for the episode throws some clues that we might be losing at least one character next week.


If you look closely at the preview, you’ll see Jon and his fellowship beyond the wall, kicking seven shades of shit out of some White Walkers.

What you’ll also see, if you have beady eyes, is The Hound dishing it out with Gendry’s hammer.

This begs the question – what on earth is Gendry doing without his hammer when they’re fighting the undead?

Game of ThronesHBO

Unless he isn’t going to be needing it because he himself has succumbed to the Night King?

Seems silly doesn’t it, why reintroduce him into the show only to kill him an episode later?

But there’s another clue –  in one of the shots from the preview, we can see a bunch of them cold dead fuckers chasing Jon and the rest of his boy band.

Game of ThronesHBO

What a quick zoom also reveals, is one of the men has someone over their shoulder.

Let’s presume the man carrying the poor sod is The Hound because, well, he’s bloody massive.

Does it not make sense then, the person without a weapon would be the one to fall?

Game of ThronesHBO

It seems like Gendry is living on borrowed time.

Short but sweet my friend.