Tom Hanks Replies To Fan Mail To Help Woman Win A Bet


In further proof that Tom Hanks is the hero 2016 needed, he has now helped a fan win a bet by replying to some fan mail.

We’ve already seen the actor photobomb a couple’s wedding photo, send a typewriter to a fan who drew sketches of him, try to reunite the people of New York City with their lost socks and gloves, and speak honestly about the loneliness he endured in his childhood.

Now, America’s dad has taken some time out of his busy schedule to personally reply to one fan who asked for a selfie.


Zena Gopal, from Toronto, Canada, bet her friends that she could get a headshot from a celebrity the fastest.

She sent her message to Hanks, who has a stellar reputation for speedy replies – and he didn’t disappoint.

Three weeks after sending her request, the actor responded with a picture of himself holding a photo of Gopal and a very personalised letter.


He wrote:

Does this count as a head shot? Sorry for the beard, but I have some shooting doing up and I must have whiskers. And, my headshot is not all that current, taken long ago and I’d come off vain sending along.

He then changed the focus of his letter to Toronto where he discussed the new condo towers being built in the city before asking Gopal if she was ready for Christmas.

“This Polaroid has been developing as I have been typing. The thing is scary…” he wrote, signing off: “Throw deep, always. Tom Hanks.”

Gopal told CBC she was ‘totally floored’ by the response and said: “It made me laugh, it really made my day. It was just really cool to see that he reads his fan mail.”

Just another thing to add to the list of ‘Great things Tom Hanks has done in 2016’.