Tom Hardy Is Getting A New Tattoo After Losing A Bet To Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio is known for his good humour, even in the bitterest of situations – the big door floating in the Atlantic springs to mind.

But on the set of The Revenant, the Academy award-winning actor found a way to keep spirits eternally high even in the face of intense stints paying demanding characters in freezing temperatures.

One man in particular bore the brunt of this: Leo’s co-star and The Revenant villain, Tom Hardy.

the-revenant-body20th Century Fox

Hardy told Esquire that he lost a bet against Leo, with DiCaprio wagering that if Hardy was Oscar nominated for his performance as the 19th Century violent fur trapper the actor would have to get ‘Leo knows everything’ tattooed on his person, forever and a day, until hell itself freezes over.

Months later, as the Academy announced Hardy was on the Oscars list for Best Supporting Actor in 2015, his fate was sealed.


Sounding as mad as Max himself, Hardy explained:

He wrote, in this really shitty handwriting: ‘Leo knows everything.’ Ha! I was like, ‘OK, I’ll get it done, but you have to write it properly.’

It seems that Leo is yet to claim his prize; Hardy hasn’t got the tattoo yet.


However, the actor has already honoured another tattoo bet with his agent, Lindy King. Hardy got King’s name inscribed on his arm after the agent helped him up the slippery slope to Hollywood. So, our guess is the crap tattoo is in the pipeline.


Hardy’s fearsome character leaves the famous frontiersman, Hugh Glass – played by DiCaprio – to die, so this bet seems like sweet revenge.

In a weird case of art reflecting life, it seems the man who played Bane has been defeated by his own victory in Hollywood.