Tom Holland Rescues Fan Crushed By Autograph Hunters

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Jun 2019 13:18
Tom Holland saves fan from pushing crowdPA

Tom Holland proved he doesn’t need a suit to be a hero as he helped a panicked fan who got caught in a crowd of pushing autograph hunters.

The fan, who goes by @NamelessCass on Twitter, shared a video of our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man outside a New York television studio, where a crowd had gathered to try and catch a glimpse of the actor.


Cass appeared to be being crushed by the fans as they tried to force their way to the front and Holland warned them to stop pushing or else he’d ‘throw their sh*t on the floor’.

Watch the video here:

The distressed girl could be heard saying she was going to have a ‘panic attack’ as she was forced against the barricade standing between herself and the Spider-Man: Far From Home actor.


She described how ’30 grown men’ tried to push their way to the front and her neck was ‘literally against the barricade’.

Clearly fans are highly excited to see Holland reprise his role as Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home:


Holland reportedly warned the autograph hunters to stop pushing with Cass claiming he reassured her, saying, ‘it’s okay I’ve got you’.


In a series of tweets, the fan said Holland ended up throwing some people’s posters on to the floor as a result of their forcefulness:

Cass said the 23-year-old actor ‘risked his safety’ as he reportedly reached through the crowd to grab the posters even as the barricade began to tip.

Footage filmed from behind the crowd shows excited fans leaning forwards to try and get photos of Holland:


A fellow fan, Christina, responded to Cass’ tweets, explaining how some of the posters seen on the ground belonged to her as she dropped them while being ‘trampled’ by fans.

She wrote:

Looks like when he knocked stuff from other people mine got pushed as well.

That’s literally my sh*t on the ground because grown f*cking men trampled me to the ground while I had a full blown panic attack.


The two fans went on to swap stories, with Christina adding someone dropped something on her head while she was in the crowd and Cass saying someone drove their knee into her back:

It’s shocking something as exciting as meeting a celebrity could take such a horrible turn for the two fans, though it appeared Holland did what he could to try and stop things getting out of hand.

Let’s hope the need for a hero stays in the films in future.

Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into UK cinemas July 2.

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