Tom Holland Says He Made Mistake Of Trying To Be Mark Wahlberg In Uncharted

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 01 Mar 2021 13:41
Tom Holland Says He Made Mistake Of Trying To Be Mark Wahlberg In UnchartedPA Images

Actor Tom Holland has admitted that he focused too much on looking ‘cool’ while filming Uncharted.

The highly anticipated movie is a prequel for the Uncharted games and stars Holland as the game’s protagonist, Nathan Drake.


The character of Victor Sullivan is played by acting veteran Mark Wahlberg, someone who Holland has said he tried too much to be like in the film. The upcoming action movie looks at how the two characters became friends.

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Discussing the film with GQ, Holland admitted he didn’t focus on his character as much as he’d have liked to.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming actor explained to the magazine:


As soon as you start worrying about ‘Do I look good in this shot?’ acting becomes something other than playing a character. I think there are elements of my performance in Uncharted where I kind of fell under that spell of being ‘I want to look good now. I want this to be my cool moment.’

I had to play this very tough, very stoic guy – basically be Mark Wahlberg. My character is supposed to be a f*cking action hero in this moment!

‘Look, I haven’t seen it,’ Holland continued, ‘So I don’t know if I succeeded in that. But it was an important lesson learned, because, at times, it was less about land a mark and go through this scene and more about land a mark, stand like this and see my bulging biceps… It was a mistake and is something that I will probably never do again.’

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The 24-year-old also discussed his upcoming movie Cherry which is set to be released on Apple TV+ next week. In the film, Holland plays a completely different character to that of Nathan Drake and stars as an army medic with a heroin addiction.


He explained that he movie ‘took [him] to the darkest places he’s ever been’.

Holland said, ‘This role took me to some of the darkest places I have ever been, emotionally, physically, anythingly… I would never go back there again, not for anyone. I am pleased I did it, but that door is now closed and locked.’

Apple TV+

‘I think there might have been some people at Disney confused as to why their Spider-Man had become a heroin addict,’ he added.


Uncharted is set to make its debut some time next year while Cherry hit cinemas on Friday, February 26, and will be available on Apple TV+ from March 12. 

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