Tonight’s Love Island Is The Baby Episode We’ve All Been Waiting For

Dani Jack and baby Love IslandITV

A stork has landed in the Love Island villa, distributing plastic babies left, right and centre.

The islanders must act as parents to the six crying babies for an entire day, swapping sunbathing and snaking for cooing and cradling.

Yes, the classic baby challenge is back, and it’s time to separate the tough, from the not enough.

Each couple get the chance to name their bundle of joy, and sadly, there’s nothing quite like Cash Hughes this year – although we do get a Prince!

Wes and Megan name their daughter Mia Ruby Nelson, while Paul and Laura choose the rather swanky Arabella Knops for their daughter.

Alex and Alexandra’s daughter gets christened Ella Louise George, while Josh and Kazimir’s son is named Prince Kavana Joshua Denzel.

In a surprise twist, Laura and Jack find out they have a girl rather than a boy after an all important nappy change, and so eventually decide on Aubrey Crane Fowler.

The most obvious parents of the show – Jack and Dani – call their baby daughter Kimberley Flo Fincham. Which is just very cute and very them.

Check out a sneak preview below:

Needless to say, the islanders don’t exactly take to parenthood like a pool float to water.

In the tantalizing preview, Doctor Alex can be heard shuddering: ‘The thought of having a child gives me palpitations.’ Well, at least he knows how to cure them!

Meanwhile, Jack Fincham struggles to cope with the noise from the screaming infants, declaring:

It’s deafening, it goes through you. It goes through your head. It’s like someone’s just got a pool cue and stuck it straight through your ear holes.

However, he later appears to warm to his new arrival, stating:

I love the fact that there’s loads of babies around. Obviously they’re crying a lot, as babies do, they need to be changed, they need to be fed, but that’s what it’s all about.

Josh described a similar aversion to the wailing while hiding in the Beach Hut, moaning:

How have I got a headache already? I’ve not had one headache since I’ve been here.

A baby comes along and I’ve got a booming headache. Keep the babies as far away from me as possible, especially when they cry.

And it’s not just the boys who are freaking out over their new found responsibility.

In the clip, Megan admitts:

I did not expect parenthood to be this hard. I can barely look after myself at 24, let alone a new-born baby.

Fans just cannot handle the anticipation as they wait for tonight’s show, taking to Twitter to express their excitement!

One person squealed:

So excited for today’s baby challenge! The names itself sound so cute.

Another said:

Anyone else just dying to see Jack and Dani do the baby challenge? I need this content in my life.

This is easily the best and trickiest challenge of the season so far, and I for one cannot wait to see who can and can’t handle it!

Now, we’re all just waiting with baited breath for the Meet The Parents challenge…

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