Too Hot To Handle Contestant Nicole O’Brien Wishes Netflix Had Kept In One Scene

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Apr 2020 12:17
Too Hot To Handle Contestant Wishes Netflix Had Kept In One SceneToo Hot To Handle Contestant Wishes Netflix Had Kept In One SceneNetflix

Too Hot To Handle’s Nicole O’Brien has opened up about her time in the villa and revealed one moment she wishes had made the show’s final cut. 


If you’re a reality TV fan, then chances are you’ve already binged-watched all of Netflix’s latest dating show.

Sure, it’s only been available for a matter of days, but when you’re being urged to stay indoors and have a lot of free time on your hands, what else is there to do than watch a group of good-looking people struggle to keep their hands off one another in an effort to win a big cash prize?

Nothing, that’s what. So you might have finished the show and now be left with a Too Hot To Handle-shaped hole in your life, but thankfully Nicole has offered a new fix in the form of some gossip about the show.


The series was actually filmed this time last year, so the contestants have had to keep quiet about everything that went on in the villa until it was out in the open – aka on Netflix – but Nicole has since spilled the beans in an interview with Cosmopolitan, where she admitted she didn’t really have a clue what she’d signed up for.

She commented:

I thought it was going to be like Love Island. I genuinely wasn’t aware of the rules. All I knew was that I was moving to Mexico for a month to film a dating show for Netflix – I thought I was going to come out with a boyfriend!

Fast forward 24 hours, and Lana dropped the bombshell: we had to abstain from anything sexual, and attempt to form emotional connections.

Now, you’d think the promise of a $100,000 cash prize would be enough to encourage the contestants to keep their hands off one another, but evidently that wasn’t the case. Still, although the abstinence rule ‘shocked’ the contestants, Nicole said they quickly ‘decided to embrace it’.

Of course, it wasn’t long before they started embracing each other, too, but that’s beside the point.


Nicole claimed everything on the show was honest and real, rather than being set up for the cameras, but it wasn’t possible for Netflix to show every single thing that went on in the villa.

Discussing one particular moment she wishes had made the cut, Nicole said:

It’s filmed over a whole month, and footage is slimmed down into eight episodes – of course you don’t see everything. But there were some parts of my personal growth that were missed.

David and I also had a date that wasn’t shown – we connected, but quickly realised it was more of a friendship. I was close to Bryce, too; we’re still chatting now and seeing where things go, but obviously distance is a factor with that.

Nicole said there were ‘no distractions’ in the villa, with little to do but ‘chat and flirt all day long’, and as a result she felt her ‘sexual nature [was] heightened’ – to the point where on one occasion she ‘thought an iguana looked attractive’.

Of course, viewers will know that Nicole managed to stick to the rules throughout, and although she didn’t walk away with a boyfriend, she did get $7,500. She added that the show also had a positive impact on the way she sees relationships, as she is now ‘more open and honest’ with the people she dates.

So there you have it – if you’re struggling to be open and honest with people, maybe you just need to go to a luxurious island and abstain from sex for a few weeks. Easy peasy.

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