TOWIE Star Sam Faiers Breastfeeds Her Baby Live On This Morning


The TOWIE ladies don’t usually make headlines for furthering liberal and just social movements.

Don’t get me wrong, they have tried. There was the tampon fiasco and Lydia Bright’s female empowerment campaign.

But ex-TOWIE cast member Sam Faiers has just schooled the rest on how to use fame appropriately for a good cause by breastfeeding her newborn baby live on television.

Faiers made a bold statement in support of the Normalise Breastfeeding movement, while promoting her new TV series, The Mummy Diaries.

Faiers, 25, told This Morning:

When you’re signing up to a series, you’ve got to give it all or nothing, otherwise it’s not going to work.

Making The Mummy Diaries I wanted it to be raw and real.

I’m just a first time parent like all other mums out there.

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The reality TV personality received warm wishes from the Twittersphere for her choice to breastfeed live on the daytime show.

The normalise breastfeeding movement has received reams of support from mums everywhere; from the breastfeeding yoga mum to the breastfeeding graduate.

This perfectly natural act gives sustenance to babies and strengthens maternal bonds between mother and baby, but stories still surface about Facebook banning breastfeeding mothers who post photos while feeding their children.

Meanwhile, Sam Faiers has nailed her flag to the mast in this fight. Good for her.