Toy Story 4 Scores 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

by : Lucy Connolly on : 13 Jun 2019 17:48
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The long-awaited Rotten Tomatoes score for Toy Story 4 has been revealed, and it looks like we’re in for one hell of a ride.


Scoring an impressive 100 per cent on the review site, Pixar’s latest offering is promising to be one of their best ever sequels that isn’t likely to disappoint.

Despite the world premiere for the highly anticipated film taking place on Tuesday (June 11) in Los Angeles, the reviews have only just gone live today. And let me tell you, they were worth the wait.

So far, out of a generous 50 reviews, Toy Story 4 is sitting pretty comfortably at full marks. Eek. Or, as Rotten Tomatoes would say, ‘fresh’.


With one critic asking ‘cynics’ to recognise that ‘sometimes more is actually good,’ it seems as though Pixar has managed to do the impossible and create a franchise that actually gets better with time.

Terms used to describe the sequel included ‘exquisitely beautiful,’ ‘richly endearing,’ and ‘captivating’. In other words, it’s going to be pretty darn amazing.

Check out the trailer below:

Although Toy Story 3 tricked us into thinking the franchise was coming to a bittersweet end way back when in 2010, fans were thrilled when Pixar announced a fourth installment was on its way.

The newest addition continues the adventures of Woody, Buzz and the gang who are now happily living with their new owner Bonnie. As always though, a whole host of new toys will be making an appearance throughout the film, with Keanu Reeves blowing everyone away as Duke Caboom.

Tony Hale also stars as Forky (yep, he really is just a fork), while Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele take the reigns as Ducky and Bunny as the crew embark on an epic road trip.


If the Rotten Tomatoes scores aren’t enough to convince you of the film’s brilliance, let me hand you over to a few choice critics, who couldn’t wait to praise Toy Story 4 after watching it at the premiere.

Jacob Hall, from Slashfilm, wrote:

Only Pixar at the top of their game can make a third sequel to a franchise about living toys that’s a poignant look at learning to prioritize your own happiness over the happiness of others. Also: feels as definitively final as 3 did. Keanu Reeves steals it all.

TOY STORY 4 is also *funny*, especially since Duke Caboom, Forky, and Ducky and Bunny are straight-up amazing additions to an ensemble I already love.

Collider’s Steven Weintraub added:

A few things about #ToyStory4:
The level of animation that @Pixar has achieved in this film is astounding.
#KeanuReeves is so awesome as Duke Caboom.
The theater we saw it in was a bit dusty…
And i loved the entire movie. So well done. Absolutely recommended.

If you’re planning on going to the cinema without a pack of tissues though, think again, because one critic said he ‘cried harder’ than he did for any of the others. Yikes.

Erik Davis of Fandango said:

#ToyStory4 is another fantastic entry in the series & the one installment that feels most like an adventure movie.

With themes of hard goodbyes, second chances & finding your way home, it’s packed w/ big belly laughs, but I also cried harder here than I have for any of the others


To infinity and beyond, I guess. Sob.

Toy Story 4 is released in cinemas on Friday, June 21.

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