Toy Story Voted Greatest Kids Film Ever By British Adults

Toy StoryPixar

With its heartwarming themes of friendships and loyalty combined with the endearing idea of toys come to life, there’s no denying Toy Story is an excellent film. 

Thankfully it has now been given the recognition it deserves as British adults have voted it the greatest kids film ever.

Admittedly some of those adults might have, like myself, been children when first watching Toy Story and may have made the decision based on fond memories but even so nine in 10 of the adults surveyed admit they still love watching kid’s movies even now they’re all grown up.

Toy Story 4 ending will be emotional.Pixar

The nationwide poll of 1,500 Brits was conducted by researchers from Vue cinemas and revealed one in four adults go to the cinema to watch new children’s releases whether they have a youngster with them or not.

Although a countless number of child-friendly films have hit the big screen in the past couple of decades, it seems none quite compared to Pixar’s first feature in which we were introduced to Andy, Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang.

Toy Story was released in 1995 and made history for being the first feature-length film to be entirely computer-animated. 34 per cent of adults said they still love to watch it today, making it the most popular choice.

Toy StoryPixar

However, the film was closely followed by Christmas classic Home Alone with 33 per cent, while The Lion King, Shrek and Harry Potter came third, fourth and fifth consecutively.

Also in the top 10 were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mary Poppins, Finding Nemo, Jungle Book and Despicable Me.

95 per cent of those surveyed claimed films bring generations together and 92 percent said it is a good thing for everyone to embrace their inner child on occasion.

Toy StoryPixar

Filmmakers are obviously clued up on our love for nostalgia as they keep churning out kids films which adults won’t be able to resist, for example with the recent surge in live-action remakes such as The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. 

Toy Story fans will no doubt be looking forward to the release of the fourth instalment later this month and Johnny Carr, Event Cinema Manager at Vue UK and Ireland, said the new movie will be one of many film lovers can look forward to this summer.

He explained:

This research proves how much we love family films. We have a wide variety of top kids’ films on show this year including Disney’s Aladdin, Toy Story 4, and the live action remake of The Lion King, all out this summer.

With the research showing that families love watching films together on the big screen, the next few months will be a treat for kids, and adults, of all ages.

Will Toy Story ever fall from the top spot? It will be hard to beat!

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