Truth Behind BGT Magician’s Trick Has Been Revealed

Marc Spellman ITV Britain's Got TalentITV

Marc Spellman stunned audiences when he appeared on Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday night, (April 14).

Spellman by name, Spellman by nature, Marc wowed the judges and audiences worldwide with his magic trick, which concluded when he began to talk about ‘real magic’.

There wasn’t a dry eye across the nation after Marc explained how his daughter, Isabella, was born after five years of IVF and how his wife, Tessa, was diagnosed with breast cancer during her pregnancy, making her birth even more miraculous.

Check out the performance below:

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After undergoing chemotherapy, Tessa, along with Isabella, both survived, and Marc’s pride and gratefulness for his family is evident.

He finished up his magic trick, which involved: asking the judges to pick a coloured crayon, to pick a card with an animal on from the pack, to pick a totally random pattern on a Rubik’s cube, and then asking Simon Cowell to draw a circle in a book.

Marc then explained how, in the two years leading up to his audition, Isabella, had already decided what the judges would pick.

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As you can probably imagine, Marc absolutely smashed it and was even hit with the prestigious golden buzzer by Ant & Dec.

However, now, in the days which have followed, many fans believe they’ve sussed out just how Marc completed his trick.

Check out some of the many explanations for his trick below:

Another viewer tweeted:

Ok, since you all want to know lol. The crayons [in] the box had one side mixed like 5 different colours. The other side was all red which she picked from.

He showed the camera the mixed colours and then the other side are all red so when he shakes it they’re all red anyway.

A second explained:

The cards – only the first few are different, after [the] first 10 the rest are probably all penguins. Simon’s pen had no ink and [the book was] already circled. [sic].

How do you think Marc carried out the trick? Personally I have no idea, but then again, I’m no magician.

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