Truth Behind CBB Skirt Rip Revealed By Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Channel 5

Courtney Act made what can only be described as the most epic entrance into the Big Brother house in the history of the show after a serious wardrobe malfunction.

The Australian drag queen, pop singer, entertainer and reality television personality, real name Shane Jenek, joined other housemates after the catastrophic entrance involving a flash of ‘tuck’. Look that up.

If you missed the magical moment, here’s a look:

Fans immediately started talking about it on social media.

Somebody by the name of Taylor said:

I mean… only Courtney Act could be going into the Big Brother house and have a Bucks Fizz-esque wardrobe malfunction, resulting in her showing her ass to the entire nation. Way to go, Court.

But the full, entire moment wasn’t visible on TV as cameras panned away but according to some reports, there are photos suggesting it was all an… act.

Apparently, she kept a grip on her skirt with her hand and seemingly dropped it to the floor on purpose.

But you know what? Publicity stunt or not, it was absolutely bloody funny and it got people talking.

James Daniel wrote on Twitter:

I love Courtney Act but can’t help but think it was a bit of a publicity stunt…. no underwear on? It’s certainly got the attention intended.

Celebrity Big Brother is now in full flow, after the house was filled with female contestants only, for a special anniversary.

The series, which launched on Tuesday (January 2), was all-female, with male contestants being added in gradually through the series and competing in tasks set to question gender stereotypes.

Channel 5

Some people have moaned the Channel 5 show is being ‘sexist’ in its methods… but actually it’s not.

You see, the reason the contestants are all female is because it’s been 100 years since women were awarded the vote – after years of protesting.

This year’s housemates so far include: Journalist Rachel Johnson – sister of Foreign Secretary, Boris, Keeping Up With The Kardashians TV personality Malika Huqq, former Made In Chelsea star Ashley James, along with MP Anne Widdecombe.

Actress Amanda Barrie, Apprentice reject Andrew Brady, Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell and former footballer John Barnes are also in the house.

Channel 5

Hilarious – can’t wait to see how she gets on in there.