Tupac And Biggie Face Off In New ‘All Eyez On Me’ Trailer

by : UNILAD on : 11 Feb 2017 12:59

We’re so close now to the release of the Tupac film, All Eyez on Me, and if the new trailer is anything to go by, it looks set to be outstanding.


The trailer gives us a tiny teaser into the turbulent life of Tupac Shakur and the moment he meets The Notorious B.I.G.

Jada Pinkett –  who was a close friend of the rap legend until his death – will play the role of his mum, Afeni Shakur seen at the beginning of the clip.

Record producer Suge Knight will be played by Dominic Santana and Jamal Woolard will play the foreboding character of Biggie Smalls.


Tupac himself will be played by Demetrius Shipp, who looks scarily like the iconic rapper.

The moment Tupac and Biggie go face to face is damn right chilling though and sets the sombre tone for this powerful film.

Jada’s words of warning as ‘Pac’s mum, seep through the trailer, as she desperately tries to caution him against the dangerous underworld of the rap scene he was about to immerse himself in.

She warned:

Son, this ain’t about you. Like all black men, you have a bullseye on your back.

They are gunna give you the tools that you need to destroy yourself.

Now let me see your spirit.

Here’s the full teaser:


The 28-year-old actor, Demetrius, is promising his character will stay true to Tupac and the film is set to drop on June 16th, in honour of the legendary rapper’s 46th birthday.

The date can’t come quick enough.

It looks incredible.

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