TV Star Storms Off Set After Having Breast Exposed Live On Air


For reasons we can only imagine, footage of a TV star storming off a live show after the host exposed her breast has gone viral.

46-year-old Yola Berrocal – a reality TV star once known for having the largest boobs in Spain – was in the middle of an interview when the presenter gestured with his hand, ‘accidentally’ pulling down her dress, reports The Mirror.

Yola was left red-faced, storming off set after breast was inadvertently presented to hundreds of thousands of viewers live on air.

Her entire left boob was revealed for a number of seconds before Yola noticed and managed to hoist her dress back up.

But her ordeal wasn’t quite over – for some reason the moment was replayed on a big screen at the back of the studio, which Yola desperately to shield.

According to the Daily Star Yola, who lives in Marbella, Costa del Sol, was a finalist in the Spanish version of Survivor, which sees a group of strangers marooned in an isolated location.


She was so shocked by the horrendous moment that she stormed off set – after attempting to cover screens showing a replay of the nip slip.

The clip of the incident, which actually happened back in 2014, has now been viewed more than 2.3 million times after it was uploaded just a few days ago.


But the majority of people who watched the clip said it was the host rather than Yola who should be ashamed.

One said: 

Personally I respect and support her because she tried to keep her honour.

It definitely looks like he did it on purpose…