Twitter Catches Fire After Melisandre’s Game Of Thrones Reveal


The night is dark and full of spoilers.

Have you watched episode one of Game Of Thrones season six yet? If you answered no, turn back now because there is a BIG spoiler ahead.

The new season started strong with a big reveal about everyone’s favourite red witch Melisandre.


The show has never shied away from shocking viewers with plot-twists and regularly killing off fan favourite characters. But this was probably a step too far even for Game Of Thrones.

It turns out the smoking hot fire priestess is actually a lot older than she looks:

MelisandreCourtesy of HBO

Click to reveal Melisandre’s true form…

The reveal came after Melisandre takes off her necklace. Book readers and attentive watchers of the show will have noticed that the jewel on her necklace glows bright red whenever some red god magic is going down.

Predictably Twitter had a meltdown when they discovered the truth:

Not everyone was put off by her transformation though:

Daniel, I think we need to talk…

Also some eagle-eyed fans pointed out that the character has been seen without her necklace before – but still looking rather young…

What a way to kick off season 6 though, roll on the rest of the series!