Twitter Reacts To Keith Chegwin’s ‘Casual Racism’ On Pointless

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Pointless Celebrities has come under massive scrutiny after two of it’s contestants were accused of racial stereotyping.

Keith Chegwin and Iain Lee were taking part on the BBC quiz when they gave an answer which many considered to be racist.

The pair were asked to guess the name a pop group from a visual clue, which in this case was two young Asian girls looking at several spices.


The answer was pretty obviously Spice Girls, but instead they opted for Cornershop. Ah.

What made this whole situation even worse is the fact that fellow contestants, Michelle Heaton and Anthony Costa, also admitted they’d have gone for that answer too. For fuck sake.

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Before the right answer was read out, Iain finally realised their error, saying: “It’s the Spice Girls, isn’t it?”, while Keith hid behind their podium in sheer embarrassment.

The people of Twitter were quick to share how pissed off they were:

But Iain Lee didn’t seemed to fussed by the whole situation and even made a joke out of it on his Twitter bio:

iainIain Lee/Twitter

Before unleashing his disapproval of everyone’s comments:

A number of his followers pointed out that they would have said Cornershop too, which clearly shows how much casual racism still exists in this country:

What a time to be alive.