Twitter Slates ‘Dumbest Ever’ Pointless Contestant, But Could You Have Got It?


Quiz shows are no strangers to dumb answers – and it seems the brutal users of social media will use any old excuse to abuse a contestants intellectuality. 

However, one contestants answer has topped all the rest (apparently), with many calling him the ‘the dumbest’ after he failed to answer a literature question accurately when the topic sprouted up on BBC One’s, Pointless.

When David came up to the podium, his partner had already bagged a wrong answer in the previous part of the show meaning they were already onto a crippling losing streak.

Admittedly not his strong point, David was asked which author wrote the novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.

Now, they’re both novels of unfathomable fame in the literary world, but admittedly (and it pains me to say this), literature isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

But you’d think that at the very least David could’ve gone for an author who was actually, real.

Instead, David took a punt at Jane Eyre as being the author behind the two 19th century novels…

Jane Eyre being the fictional title character behind Charlotte Bronte’s classic.

giphy (1)Giphy

And as everybody could’ve expected Twitter went wild:

Of course, the correct answer to the question would’ve been Jane Austen, but never mind Dave. It’s too late now.