Two Love Island Contestants Have Walked Off The Show


Warning: This article absolutely does contain spoilers.

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It seems yesterday’s rumours were true – two contestants have unexpectedly walked away from the Love Island villa.

It has been revealed that, after a fraught few days of on/off dating, new contestants and weird rules that meant two lovebirds could only stay if they split up, one couple have made the decision to leave together.

Which means it’s not who everybody was suggesting, either.

Yesterday (July 18), there were strong rumours of Jack and Dani leaving – which caused uproar.

Thankfully, the favourites to win are very much still in the villa and there are no signs of them going anywhere just yet.

So, who is it then? It’s only the Loyal Highness herself, Ms Georgia Steel and her beau Sam Bird, the Mirror reports.

The pair apparently left the villa after a controversial and explosive re-coupling after they were forced to either break up or leave together.

Sam and Georgia decided to split and stay, which caused more than a few raised eyebrows in the villa because, as we all know, Georgia is literally the most loyal in the universe and wouldn’t dare not stay with someone she’s coupled up with, right?

Well, they did decided to split, throwing Georgia’s one consistent quality – loyalty – into disarray.

However, it now seems she’s remembered just how bloomin’ loyal she is after all, as she and Sam have decided to leave the island together, rather than remain in the villa single.

After the pair had decided to split, four new contestants joined the show – Laura Crane, Stephanie Lam, Paul Knops and Josh Mair.

In a bid to find another partner, Sam and Georgia both went on dates with the new Islanders with open minds. But, after not quite connecting with anyone new, Sam and Georgia seem to have made the difficult decision to walk away from the show.

None of the Islanders could persuade the couple to stay, which would have meant staying single or re-coupling with new partners, so they decided to leave.

According to the Mirror:

They filmed the re-coupling and afterwards Sam and Georgia weren’t happy, so walked out of the villa.

None of their fellow Islanders could persuade them to stay.

The explosive scenes will be aired tonight, July 19, or Friday, July 20.

Watching the dramatic scenes unfold, the other contestants were gobsmacked, and had no prior warning about the exit.

The shock departure comes as a blow to the show as a whole, as producers had bent the rules of Casa Amor to try and keep the single contestants in the villa. And, as we all know, Ms Loyalty herself makes for great television.

With less than two weeks left of the show (how time flies, hey?) it means Sam and Georgia have walked away from the opportunity to bag themselves the £50,000 prize money.

Rumours were flying wildly yesterday, July 18, as wafts of departure were in the air, fuelling viewers suspicions as to who it could be to walk the long walk home.

Host Caroline Flack dropped the bombshell on the unsuspecting Sam and Georgia after their fellow contestants and viewers at home failed to save them.

With many people in the villa now happily coupled up, it was a surprising twist that Sam and Georgia initially decided to split and stay.

It seems, however, loyalty prevailed in the end.

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