Tyler Perry’s Netflix Debut Roasted For Huge Mistakes

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 22 Jan 2020 13:21
Tyler Perry's Netflix Debut Roasted For Huge MistakesTyler Perry's Netflix Debut Roasted For Huge MistakesNetflix

Tyler Perry’s newest film A Fall From Grace dropped on Netflix this week, and eagle-eyed viewers have picked up on some hilarious production fails. 


Apparently the 120-minute long movie was shot in just five days – and unfortunately for Perry, it shows.

Viewers took to Twitter to point out the mistakes in A Fall From Grace, including a man pretending to eat invisible food.

Tyler Perry's Netflix Debut Roasted For Huge Mistakes Pointed Out By ViewersTyler Perry's Netflix Debut Roasted For Huge Mistakes Pointed Out By ViewersNetflix

One particularly hot topic are the wigs used for several of the characters.


You have to admit – the wigs aren’t particularly realistic. Perry’s in particular looks like he’s borrowed the hair from an unkempt poodle.

One Twitter user even suggested the 50-year-old director got the cast’s wigs from online shop Wish, which is known for it’s extremely niche products.

Another Twitter user clocked one of the characters pretending to receive a message on their phone; however it’s evidently a photograph rather than an actual notification. Oops…

Another fail was the man in the background eating and drinking invisible food and water. With all the money Perry has, you’d have thought he could at least have given the poor guy a real drink.

Rotten Tomatoes reviewers also clocked the sloppy mistakes, with the film currently rating at a measly 33%.


One reviewer savagely wrote: 

A Fall From Grace is like most other made-for-tv-movies, it’s simple, and outrageous. Knowing about the five day production schedule explains the sterile filmmaking approach. Perry isn’t interested in making a scene do anything beyond it’s most basic function. […]

When asked about actors getting time to prepare and get to know each other, Perry said he didn’t want that. It became very clear talking with Perry who is writer, director, producer and co-star in the film, that he makes movies like an assembly line, no room for nuance.

While Perry’s one-man band attempt may be admired by some, this reviewer has a point, and from some of the basic cock-ups it could be said Perry put too much on his plate at once.

Tyler Perry's Netflix Debut Roasted For Huge Mistakes Pointed Out By ViewersTyler Perry's Netflix Debut Roasted For Huge Mistakes Pointed Out By ViewersNetflix

Good or bad, the film – which was released January 17 on Netflix – has caused quite the stir on social media. With this in mind, one Twitter user wondered if the blunders were intentional so the film would become a talking point…

They said: 

Did they leave the mistakes in this movie on purpose so we could talk about it on social media?? I need answers! I don’t claim to be a film expert, but sheesh!

Making your new production company’s first film so roastable probably isn’t the best PR move, but Perry is a comedian after all, and at the end of the day the blunders have definitely got people talking.

You can watch A Fall From Grace on Netflix now.

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