Tyrion Has Still Not Finished This Joke In Six Seasons Of GOT


HBO have nailed keeping viewers hooked with cliffhangers – and it turns out they’ve been doing it even when we didn’t notice.

As reported by the Radio Times, there is a running gag in Game of Thrones where Tyrion sets up a joke but in six seasons still hasn’t delivered the punchline.

Fans now want answers…

The joke started back in season one of the show when the charismatic ‘Imp’ was held prisoner in the Vale by Lysa Arryn.

The future Mrs Littlefinger is demanding Tyrion confess for his ‘crimes’ when he lists a whole host of sins.

He says ‘I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel’ before being cut off as Lysa grows tired of his stand up comedy routine.

Now in Meereen during season six, Tyrion decides to try the gag again as he is teaching Greyworm and Missandei about jokes.

But then a bloody fleet of pro-slavery ships comes knocking and spoil it for everyone a second time.

So what is the answer?

Some online reckon it could be along the lines of having a ‘sweet ass’, but then others point out Tyrion’s sense of humour is surely more sophisticated than that.

Maybe we’ll find out from the delayed season seven, maybe never, or knowing GOT it’ll probably be his parting shot as he draws one final breath before dying tragically, who knows…