Unexpected Link Between Eerie Squid Game Soundtrack And Disney

by : Emily Brown on : 16 Oct 2021 16:56
Unexpected Link Between Eerie Squid Game Soundtrack And DisneyNetflix/Disney

Even the few people left in the world who haven’t watched Squid Game will know that it offers very different content to the bright, family films created by Disney.

However, the soundtrack actually marks a link between the two. 


At first, you might think that the only way Disney and Squid Game could be linked is in the fact that Disney films are usually aimed at kids, and Squid Game utilises games played by children.

The violence and gruesomeness of the hit Netflix show quickly implies the similarities stop there, but actually a closer listen to the soundtrack of Squid Game may call to mind Disney titles due to the history behind it.

Check it out:



A video on the TikTok channel @dissectpodcast reveals the eerie notes used in the series are ones inspired by a piece of work titled Dies Irae; a 13th century Georgian chant melody often used in Catholic funerals. The song came to have a cultural association with death, and as such composers later began to use the first four notes of the tune to invoke feelings of death or impending doom.

Over the years, these four notes have been used in titles such as The Lion King, Star Wars and – you guessed it – Squid Game.

Squid Game. (Netflix)Netflix

Now that the notes have been brought to your attention, @dissectpodcast noted you’ll likely ‘hear it everywhere’. TikTokers were quick to share other places they’d picked up on the notes, including Frozen II, Sweeney Todd, The Shining and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Though the notes aren’t themselves uncommon, one TikToker expressed their belief Squid Game has utilised them in the best way, writing: ‘OK but the Squid Game version is literally the scariest.’

The TikTok will no doubt be a lesson to us all – if you hear those notes while watching a film, something bad is probably about to happen.

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  1. @dissectpodcast/TikTok

    Squid Game uses the classic “Death” melody.