Usain Bolt Absolutely Destroys James Corden In A Rap Battle

by : UNILAD on : 24 Nov 2016 13:53

James Corden just got completely owned, by the legend that is nine-time-olympic-gold-medalist, Usain Bolt in a hilarious and also cringeworthy rap battle. 


The showdown named, ‘Drop the Mic,’ took place on Corden’s ‘The Late, Late Show,’ according to The Huffington Post and poor Cords got completely slain by one of the fastest men in history.

The challenge was set between the popular presenter and the speed-defying olympian only for Bolt to completely wipe the floor with the British comedian.

Let the battle commence:


The contestants entered in boxing gowns and then it completey took off.

Corden started on fire, dropping a brilliant burn:

After all those races you won in Brazil, you’re about to lose to a man standing still.

Athletes aren’t great at maths, so I hope this helps, you have 14 gold medals less than Michael Phelps.

For real, tell me what it’s like to have a career that people only care about once every four years.



Bolt jumped upto the mic, saying ‘hold my gold medal,’ passing a ton of medals to the TV joker, who threw back with ‘go and put them on ebay,’ before admitting Usain was pretty ‘good.’

Corden tried slaying Bolt with other insulting quips including insinuating the athlete was only popular because ‘one-in-three people in your country is high,’ even cheekily offering him a job as his PA. Meow.

Bolt got back on his feet though, spitting, ‘You ever seen me lose to a white guy?’ To which the TV personality jibed back about the speedy star taking selfies with Rihanna.


However, the Olympic had the last laugh as he delivered the last blow:

I run my race in ten seconds, you last that long in bed.

I have nine gold medals last time I checked, that’s one for every time you’ve had sex.

Then he simply dropped the mic.

Go on Bolt.


Damn, that was intense.

Take note: Never engage in a rap battle with Usain Bolt. You will get slaughtered.

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