Varys Will Try To Kill Daenarys From Beyond Grave After Conversation With Kitchen Girl

Varys Will Kill Daenerys From Beyond Grave After Conversation With Kitchen GirlHBO

With just one episode of Game of Thrones to go, fans are coming up with their own theories as to how it’s all going to go down.

While so many people’s favourite characters have been killed off, the race is still on to see who will sit on the throne.

If you’re up to date, then you’ll already know Daenerys is officially in full ‘Mad Queen’ mode, as episode 5 of season 8, The Bells, saw her take the Battle of King’s Landing into her own hands, completely discarding the counsel given to her by Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow.

Questions have been raised regarding Daenerys’ stability as queen ever since season 4, but her actions have only continued to become more and more irrational.

Varys Will Kill Daenerys From Beyond Grave After Conversation With Kitchen GirlHBO

However, another ruler could potentially become an option after even Daenerys’ closest allies plotted to take her out. We might’ve seen the Khaleesi take out her biggest threats on her journey to the Iron Throne, but now it looks like there could be one thing undoing her path to victory in the GoT finale – and that’s Lord Varys, Master of Whisperers.

The opening scene of The Bells showed Varys, sitting at a desk, writing the secret of Jon Snow’s parentage, revealing that he really is Aegon Targaryen, and that his claim to the Iron Throne should be supported across the Seven Kingdoms, and not Daenerys’.

The shot didn’t stay on the scroll for too long, but we did manage to spot a few certain phrases like ‘Rhaegar’, and ‘the true heir to the Iron Throne’. We already knew Varys was keen to spread the word after learning Jon’s lineage from Tyrion, who found out from Sansa in the previous episode.

Before he was able to send the scroll, a young servant working for Varys, Martha, revealed Daenerys still wasn’t eating.

Varys Will Kill Daenerys From Beyond Grave After Conversation With Kitchen GirlHBO

This little detail has gone under the radar for many, but as reported by Buzzfeed, perhaps reveals a deadly plot. Is Varys concerned Dany isn’t having her five portions a day?

Unlikely, he follows the news by saying ‘We’ll try again at supper’. Try what Varys? Poison? Hmmmmmmm? Martha adds further doubt to the plan in revealing she believes she is being watched.

In another scene, Dany’s soldiers turn up at Varys’ room to march him to his death, and while he’s ready to go, he manages to quickly destroy the evidence of his messages before he goes. He burns one of the scrolls as Grey Worm approaches with handcuffs but we’re unaware as to whether this was the same scroll we saw him writing earlier.

From what we know about Varys, he would be more than capable of getting the message out in time, and it would seem he was actively plotting against Daenerys.

Soon, the whole of Westeros will discover that Daenerys committed war crimes and killed thousands of innocent people in King’s Landing. That added to the news she’s not actually the rightful heir to the throne, it seems like she’s got no chance of ruling the realm.

Varys’ final conversation with Jon could’ve helped convince the King of the North he could be a great ruler. Not to mention, Daenerys previously told Varys that she’d kill him if he ever betrayed her, so he must’ve known what was coming. It’s more likely he acted fast and managed to send out a few ravens before his death sentence.

If he did, the Master of Whisperers could’ve dethroned the queen from beyond the grave.

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