Verne Troyer Made Heartbreaking Video Before His Death

Verne TroyerYouTube/Verne Troyer

Actor Verne Troyer has passed away aged 49 and his last video gives a heartbreaking insight into his everyday battles.

The final video on Troyer’s regularly updated YouTube channel is titled ‘MY PET PEEVES!’

Although seemingly a standard ‘Pet Peeves’ format Verne’s honest and humorous presenting style inadvertently gives us an insight into the battles the 2’8″ star fought everyday.

Some battles because of his fame, and some because of his smaller stature.

Verne starts the video with a pet peeve that is probably quite unique to people in his situation:

Just because I’m small people think they can come up to me and tap me on the head, I’m not a lapdog, I’m a person. So please, if you see me, do not tap me on the head. Or. Else.

While worded humorously, Verne’s peeve reveals his fight to be taken seriously and treated like a person despite his extraordinary appearance.

We’ve all had moments in our lives where we’ve been patronised or not taken seriously and it’s incredibly frustrating and dehumanising – so it’s heartbreaking to think that Verne was constantly feeling this way even at 49-years-old and as a well known celebrity.

As well as the emotional struggles Troyer also touches on some of the physical limitations of his cartilage–hair hypoplasia genetic disorder:

There are people out there who have handicap placards that actually need them, I hate it when I see somebody average height, they’re whatever, they come out and get into their car parked in a handicap spot, when obviously they don’t need it.

A few commenters did correct Verne by pointing out that not all illnesses that warrant a disability badge are as immediately noticeable as his own.

Poker player Tiffany Michelle, Lupus LA Chairman of the Board Adam Selkowitz, actor Verne Troyer, poker player Maria Ho and guests attend the Get Lucky for Lupus LA Celebrity Poker Tournament in Los AngelesGetty Images

But Troyer clarified that he was mainly frustrated when friends and family borrow a disabled person’s badge for easier parking. Which is infuriating, and sounds like it should be illegal.

Troyer also reveals a consequence of his height that most of us would never even consider, not being able to use the toilet in public sometimes:

When I go into a public restroom and the toilet paper is out of my reach. What am I going to do? I’m on the toilet, I already started!

Verne TroyerYouTube/Verne Troyer

Again, Verne uses his wit and humour to discuss the serious subject of just how hard it could be for him to move around the world at times because of his condition.

Not all his points are so heavy though. In the full video, he covers all sorts of pet peeves including ‘people who say pet peeves too much’:

Troyer’s warmth, humour and good natured approach to sharing his life with his fans on social media really shine through in the video and bring home what a truly lovely man the world lost.

In the video Verne also touches on the inevitable consequence of his worldwide fame:

When you’re eating at a restaurant and somebody comes up and says, ‘I never do this, but can I get a picture please?’ I thought you said you never do this and you’re doing it now.

It’s hard to feel that Verne would have had the extra pressure of fame adding complexity to his already complicated medical situation.

However, if the final pictures on his Instagram feed are anything to go by, he enjoyed life to the full and remained relentlessly positive.

This is your captain speaking #yachtlife #boats #tgif

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Rest in peace Verne, thank you for all the films that will live on forever.

If you have experienced a bereavement and would like to speak with someone in confidence contact Cruse Bereavement Care via their national helpline on 0808 808 1677.