Vicky Pattinson Explains Why She Was Gurning During Xtra Factor


With people lining up to accuse Vicky Pattinson of drug use, the 28-year-old has consistently sniffed at the rumours of coke addiction.

The ex-Geordie Shore character’s erratic behaviour and jaw movement has recently sparked debate yet again, when she appeared on The Xtra Factor.

Sitting on the couch, Vicky’s jaw appeared rather unhinged and her eyes were unfocussed and rolling.

Viewers commented on Vicky’s gurning, assuming she was on drugs.

The reactions varied from poetry to judgement to hearsay to downright disrespectful.

It does make you wonder why people on the Twittersphere have nothing better to do that waste five minutes ruminating on the sexual abilities of D-list celebrities.

Apparently Twitter now gives out medical degrees too, considering the absolute confidence with which some people are diganosing Vicky with drug addiction.

Luckily for this curious fella who wants answers, Vicky has now addressed the reason behind her wild jaw movements.

Vicky recently spoke to OK! denying the rumours:

My jaw movement is something that I’ve always done.

I did it in the [I’m a Celebrity] jungle and I got stick for it.

It gets worse when I drink and I didn’t drink once in the jungle, yet people were still questioning it.


While I’m all for a good gossip about the latest Geordie Shore antics, I cannot understand why we insist on discussing the personal lives of these reality TV show personalities.

After all, they’re hardly shy when they appear on the constructed shows that made them famous and they’re so much more interesting, clever and funny when they’re scripted.

Since when did showbiz get so personal?