Vicky Pattison Shares Topless Selfie To ‘Show Her Post-Christmas Weight Loss’


Former Queen of the Jungle, Vicky Pattison, has whipped her shirt off all in the name of post Christmas progress.

Over the festive period we’ve all piled on a couple of stone with the countless excuses to drink our bodyweight in lager or eat blue cheese until we’re nauseous.

It’s a beautiful time of the year, perhaps the best, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t have its consequences – i.e, packing on an unwanted couple of pounds, according to the Daily Mail.

As we all put our hands to the weight racks and our feet to the treadmills we’re not alone – as Vicky has been doing it also and with some great results.

Vicky captioned the Instagram post:

Progress not perfection…. Not too bad for the second week of January!!

Still a long way to go but definitely feeling positive! Almost see a little bit of muscle definition creeping in there as well!

Day off today so I’m going to do a couple quick @minivnutrition workouts in the gym and see who I can convince to come for a hike!!!

Just the day before Vicky posted a photo of herself from a few months back wearing a red bikini stating that this was her ‘goal for the end of the month’.

She certainly seems to be on the right track.