Viewers Convinced The Chase Was Rigged To Avoid Paying £60,000 Jackpot

by : UNILAD on : 02 Mar 2018 13:08

Viewers of The Chase are convinced the show was ‘fixed’ so a record-breaking jackpot of £60,000 was lost.


Fans of the show took to social media to point out the error in Wednesday night’s show which meant the Governess deprived the contestants of the massive haul of money.

The controversy is centred around the timer, which seemed to pass unevenly during the final chase for the jackpot.

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In the final moments of the timer, the Governess is asked about blue spiders and which continent they were native to.


Yet if you look at the clock, then you’ll see the timer seems to stay on 0.01 for quite a bit longer than one second, giving her time to answer.

People online picked up on the troubling error, with some coming to the conclusion the show was ‘rigged’ so they didn’t have to pay out the wad of cash:

One user even wrote:

The past 3/4 years I have taken The Chase to be part of my daily viewing, watching the show with friends and family and have experienced some of the most captivating moments on British TV history.

Seeing something being rigged as clearly as this will never be forgotten.

Another wrote:

Had enough of The Chase, f*cking rigged, whenever big money up for grabs these chasers pull it out the bag or that sp*z reads questions out quicker, unreal players they was.


However, others aren’t having any of it, saying the videos prove the whole thing isn’t rigged:

One person wrote:

I’m sure this is more of a sync issue than a rig issue. I assume the timer is added during post production, so it might have just been a little out or something.

I’m sure if The Chase was rigged, they would rig it in much less obvious ways.

Another wrote:

This video even proves it isn’t rigged though, as she starts the answer five seconds in and the video starts with six seconds left on the clock.

Not having any slander of The Chase on my tl thank you very much.

Of course, none of this would be a problem if we just all watched Pointless instead.

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