Viewers Furious After Spotting ‘Safety Wire’ During Life-Threatening Britain’s Got Talent Stunt


Alex Magala has spiralled out of absolute nowhere to become world famous for his death-defying and chilling stunts, typically performed with a sword down his gullet. 

But, last night, while carrying out his most dangerous stunt yet, viewers from across the globe noticed something a little bit fishy about the act – a safety wire, or so they thought.

And what was the stunt? Well, it involved Alex sliding down a pole at a rapid pace towards a chainsaw which was switched on, with his hands handcuffed behind his back too – you know, just in case the stunt wasn’t mental enough – reports the Mirror.

However, the supposed safety wire did not implement Magala’s success, as the star was still awarded with high praise from all of the judges.

Amanda Holden called the pre-recorded dangerous stunt the most terrifying thing she’d ever seen, while Alesha appeared to back Alex to win.

Remarkably though, he didn’t win in the end.


It was later revealed that the ‘safety wire’ wasn’t in fact there to protect Alex. It was there to keep the pole straight.

Hell, even if it was a safety wire you can hardly blame him – he’s sliding down a pole towards a chainsaw for fuck’s sake – I wouldn’t do this mental stunt with a safety wire, even if the chainsaw wasn’t there.

But the people of the Internet had already struck. Standard.