Viewers Notice Nude Sunbather In Background During Good Morning Britain

Andi PetersITV

Wake up, stretch, make yourself a cuppa, then settle down to watch Good Morning Britain and play ‘spot the naked sunbather’, just another Monday morning…

Andi Peters got more than he bargained for when he appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning (June 4th) from a beach in Lloret de Mar, Spain, to present a competition segment on the breakfast show.

The competition was to win a sparkly £100,000, but I think we all won a little bit when trying to watch Andi maintain his composure as he points out the fact there’s a naked sunbather in the back of his shot.

Andi PetersITV

Andi makes a desperate attempt to abide by the watershed rules and cover the nude man with his body, but the hilarity of the situation almost gets the better of him, and he laughs his way through the competition rules.

He even prepares to give us a glimpse, saying ‘Yes, a nudist, look’ before ducking below screen as if to reveal the guy who has chosen to bare all.

Thankfully however, our eyes are spared as a winking, tongue-out emoji appears just in time to cover him.

The naked man haunts Peters through his segment, as he suggests winners of the competition ‘maybe buy some clothes’.

Andi PetersITV

Andi manages to hide the nudist for the remainder of his segment, but the more eagle-eyed viewers among you might spot the nudist before he has chance to conceal him.

Good Morning Britain had its fair share of scandalous content this morning, as Piers Morgan revealed his attempt at trolling BBC Breakfast through a billboard.

Morgan explained the new advertisement for his breakfast show had gone up in ‘a very special place’, before cutting to a feed of the billboard.

Piers Morgan Billboard TrollITV

The shot slowly pans out to reveal BBC’s Media City studio in Salford, in front of which Good Morning Britain‘s advert has been placed.

Morgan explains:

This is a 24-hour loop, running permanently, and that is the home of BBC Breakfast, our rivals up in Salford in Manchester

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker replied to the situation via Twitter, adding a salty comment aimed in Good Morning Britain’s viewership figures’ direction.

He said:

I’m not sure what they’ve told you Mr Morgan, but that’s the side that no-one looks at. A magnificent example of art imitating life.

Evidently, unfortunately for Morgan, the placement of the billboard didn’t seem to have quite the dramatic effect on BBC Breakfast he may have hoped for.

Peter Ruddick, who works on BBC Breakfast, threw some shade Morgan’s way as he tweeted his view from the BBC Breakfast office, streaming BBC Breakfast as normal.

However, Morgan did confirm that everyone walking into the BBC building would hear Good Morning Britain‘s slogan, ‘Not your average breakfast’, via the billboard, and with that advert running non-stop for 24-hours, I can imagine it will get on people’s nerves pretty soon.

Either way, with a naked man appearing on Good Morning Britain to accompany your cornflakes, it’s probably safe to say that this morning did not involve your average breakfast.

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