Vinnie Jones Opens Up About Joint Cancer Battle With His Wife

by : UNILAD on : 22 Feb 2017 12:14

Vinnie Jones opened up on ITV this morning about his joint cancer battle with his wife, before going on to shut down presenter Piers.


Piers Morgan tried to take on tough man Vinnie Jones on Good Morning Britain today and was left with his tail between his legs.

The ex professional footballer appeared on the show via video link from LA to speak about his battling skin cancer at the same time as his wife of 22 years Tanya.

Speaking about Tanya, Vinnie said:

She’s fantastic, she’s good, very good. It’s her 30-year heart transplant anniversary this June so we’ll be going out to celebrate that.


Vinnie told Morgan and his co-presenter Susanna Reid that he had his cancer ‘cut out’ and was ‘getting on with it’ while explaining how he takes extra precautions when out in the sun.

Speaking about Vinnie’s lifestyle choices, Piers commented on how the Snatch actor had been ‘clean’ for four years having cut alcohol from his diet.

It was this comment that got Vinnie a bit riled up and unleashed the ‘banter’.

Vinnie replied:

Clean? You say it as if I’m an addict of something, give me a break! I just decided to give up drinking so my life could blossom like yours, Piers!

But they haven’t run me out of America yet like they did to you unfortunately.

Piers tried to move the conversation on, mentioning how the actor often plays golf with stars like Joe Pesci and Justin Timberlake, so Vinnie took the opportunity to rip Piers even more.


‘No, they play with me’ he replied to Piers before commenting on the fact that JT didn’t have many nice things to say about him.

Vinnie said:

I saw Justin Timberlake the other day and he didn’t have much nice to say about you, Piers.

The view of you over here is not very good, Piers, I have to not mention it any more.

Piers took a final go and asked Vinnie about his new job selling carpets. Vinnie seized the opportunity to plug his fine flooring business Deacon Jones, and went on to offer viewers a job.

Twitter users thoroughly enjoyed Vinnie’s take down of the ITV know it all.

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    Vinnie Jones opens up about battling skin cancer at the same time as his wife Tanya