Walking Dead Teases New Villains That Could Be Most Evil Yet


AMC has begun teasing The Walking Dead’s next big bad guys and they make the murderous Negan look like a pussy cat. 

While the majority of fans have been eagerly anticipating Season Seven of The Walking Dead to see who Negan beat to death in the last season finale, AMC have hinted he may not be the season’s primary villain.

Yesterday the show’s PR team made an Instagram post showing a severed head on a pike along with the caption ‘You’ve been warned’ leading to speculation that the show may be about to introduce The Whisperers.

The Whisperers are a mysterious group of survivors who rather than hide from the zombie menace have started wearing their rotten skin in order to blend in with the walking dead.

While wearing zombie flesh is pretty fucked up it gets worse, The Whisperers are basically a cult who live alongside the zombies and attack the living. To mark their territory they put up the heads of their enemies on spikes, just like in the photo.

the-walking-dead-132-talking-zombie-maskImage Comics

Fans are split on whether they want the cult introduced so soon after Negan with one fan on Reddit writing: “For those wondering: no, there is no way in hell that this is The Whispers. Just stop. Don’t even theorize about it. It’s too early.”

That said the show’s creator Robert Kirkman, was asked during a panel at last week’s about whether The Whisperers would appear in the show and he did say ‘eventually’, so who knows, this may be them.

Walking Dead returns to our screens on AMC on October 23 and starting again in the UK on Fox on October 24.