Watch Cersei Lannister From Game Of Thrones Read Brutal Bachelor Insults


Game of Thrones’ fans know that there’s no one in the Seven Kingdoms with a sharper tongue than queen regent Cersei – except, it seems, for the contestants on The Bachelor.

When Lena Headey recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy asked the actress to channel her inner ice queen and give us a few actual lines from this season of The Bachelor, in Cersei’s trademark wry tone.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Cersei without a goblet of wine in her hands, so Jimmy was kind enough to provide her with the necessary props before she began to read the lines, adding some dramatic weight to the quotes that we feel were probably lacking when delivered on the reality show.


Our favourite has to be the line, “I think her boobs are fake, but it’s okay, like you can tell that they’re fake and her breath is horrible. I wonder if they’ve kissed? Because I’m sure he smells what I smell.” Classic Cersei banter.

Who knows, with Game of Thrones wrapping up in the next few years, maybe Cersei could make an appearance on the dating show to find her next king?