Watch The Moment Gabby Finds Out Marcel Cheated On Her Twice


Marcel. The good guy turned heel. Love Island‘s own Stinky Pete. We thought we knew him. We didn’t.

Last week, he snogged a girl while him and the lads were away in Casa Amor, leaving fans across the country at a loose end. Why Marcel? What’s your deal?

When the lads got back to their villa, Marcel opened up and admitted he’d tongued a lass while away from his girlfriend. His defense? It was ‘part of a game’. Pull the other one Marcel, you treacherous snog-mad weapon.

Tonight, viewers will witness Gabby discovering the news in scenes more devastating than Sophie’s Choice, or Marley and Me.

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In and among that drama, four islanders will also be departing this evening. Holy fuck, that’s a lot of islanders.

You can catch it all at 9pm on ITV2.