What Is The Best Weapon To Have In The Zombie Apocalypse?


It’s the question on everyone’s lips – if the zombie apocalypse occurred tomorrow what would be the best weapons to have at your disposal?

Tech Insider spoke with a guy that should know – John Sanders, the prop master of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead.

Sanders has overseen all the props on the show and over its six-year history, survivors have used guns, knives, grenades, tanks, and even rocket launchers in their never ending battle against the undead.


Sanders reckons the best weapon for taking down ‘walkers’ is the long range rifle with noise-dampening silencer which offers stealth as well as range and power.

He says it’s the silencer which is key to staying safe because both zombies and – perhaps an even greater danger – other people are attracted to noise.

A handgun with silencer isn’t a bad shout, but Sanders estimates the smaller weapon is only accurate up to roughly 50 feet.


He told Tech Insider:

Long range rifles and hand guns where you can shoot things at a decent range [and] get away fairly quickly are very helpful.

It’s a sad fact though, that you’re probably not likely to just stumble across high grade military weaponry in a zombie apocalypse.

Sanders admits this is a factor:

They aren’t readily available, you wouldn’t think you could find too many of those around.


The other problem with guns is obviously ammo. This is when close-range weapons like Michonne’s iconic katana sword and improvised spears come into play.

As ammunition becomes more scarce, survivors will have to rely more on close combat weapons.

“We’re going to see a lot more … melee weapons, bullets are a finite instrument in this world,” said Sanders.

So there you have it, a high-grade long distance assault rifle is ideal – if you can get it. Personally, I’m a fan of Daryll’s crossbow, but anything sharp enough to ram through a zombies brain will just have to do.