What This Woman Did At The End Of First Dates Caused A Huge Debate

Still from First Dates Channel 4 dating showChannel 4

There are some questions that humanity will never have the answer to; Is there a god? What happens when we die? Can dogs look up?

But who’d have thought that one of the biggest debates in the history of the internet would come from a Channel 4 reality programme?

On this week’s episode of First Dates, the contentious issue of ‘who should pay for a meal’ came up when parliamentary researcher Cecilia insisted on paying the bill on her date with business developer Viv.

26-year-old Viv, however, disagreed insisting that as a ‘gentleman’ it was his prerogative to pay for the meal, an insistence that seemed to annoy Cecilia.

Cecilia argued:

Give me one rational reason why you should. There’s no rational reason why a woman shouldn’t pay.

Forgetting he was trying to be a gentleman Viv told Cecilia to ‘shut up’ and insisted that there aren’t enough opportunities to be a gentleman these days.

The awkward standoff finally came to an end when Cecilia suggested they split the difference and the bill. But the tense exchange has split fans of the show into some weird version of First Dates Civil War.

People on ‘Team Cecilia’ immediately took to Twitter to show support for their feisty hero with one viewer calling her a ‘beautiful, strong, powerful woman’.

Meanwhile, another fan wrote: ‘Well done for standing that split the #FirstDates bill ground, Cecilia. No compromise on respect!’

Of course, others were less pleased with her attitude calling her arrogant, headstrong and even claiming she had a chip on her shoulder.

Regardless of the opinion of random people on the internet, it’s clear Cecilia was less than pleased with Viv, especially when he snatched her bank card out of her hands.

In the post-date interview she said: 

It actually frustrated me a lot that he did that. I thought it was completely irrational. It was really unnecessary and quite uncalled for.

Still from First DatesChannel 4

Cecilia explained her reasons for being so independent, saying that a lot of men underestimate her and don’t take her seriously because of her looks and blonde hair.

Meanwhile, Viv for his part thought that the date had gone well, he explained: ‘I think she’s realised I’m just as stubborn as she is’, before adding that she’ll have to get used to his attitude if she wants this to continue.

Unsurprisingly they didn’t go on a second date.

So the question is are you ‘Team Cecilia’ or ‘Team Viv’?

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