What Those Jon Snow Revelations In New Game Of Thrones Really Mean


Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of Game of Thrones

Game of ThronesHBO

We’re another episode down with this season of Game of Thrones and things are rattling along at a right jolly old pace.

Over the past couple of episodes we’ve been privy to a few little hints pointing towards what we suspect, might be the big reveal at the end of this season.

While it’s been officially confirmed outside of the show by HBO’s mind map of lineage, not many people in Westeros know that Jon is a Targaryen.

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Bran knows it from his visions and Howland Reed knows it from being at the Tower of Joy back when Ned found Lyanna on her deathbed.

Others might even be starting to suspect it, such as Littlefinger and even Daenerys.

I mean, Jon was getting awfully cosy with Drogon in that episode wasn’t he?


Yet the big reveal came from a line of dialogue that everyone in the world picked up on except the one person who needs to know.

During the scene with Gilly and Sam, Gilly is telling him how many shits some old maester used to have.

This old maester recorded everything, like everything.


He even recorded an annulment of Prince Rhaegar’s marriage and a secret marriage to another woman in Dorne.

Big deal right? Wrong.

If you’re reading this, let’s presume you know that R+L=J.

Game of ThronesHBO

Basically the aforementioned facts; Jon is a Targaryen, his parents are Rhaegar and his secret love, Lyanna Stark.

Now it was assumed that Jon was a bastard of the two, born outside of wedlock, so his heritage would have no real effect on his claim to the throne.

But Gilly’s revelation actually tells us that he was the son of a married couple!

This is massive because it means that Daenerys’ claim to the throne is instantly lost, with Jon being a legitimate male son of a Targaryen.

It also means Jon is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, if you follow the Targaryen reasoning.

It’s safe to assume that if Daenerys finds out about this, she won’t be best pleased.


The already tentative friendship might quickly deteriorate, which wouldn’t be good in the upcoming battle against the White Walkers.

This might not be a big deal – Gilly didn’t understand the importance – and it seemingly went straight over the head of Samwell.

But in his hurry to leave, it seems that Sam picked up the very book that Gilly was reading from when he left Oldtown.


So, Sam is heading back to his trusty mate Jon with potentially the most important piece of information in the whole of Westeros.

We all knew that Jon was important but this episode just told us how important.

Mind. Blown.