Why Drew Barrymore Repeatedly Rang 911 While Filming Scream

by : Cameron Frew on : 12 Oct 2021 10:21
Why Drew Barrymore Repeatedly Rang 911 While Filming Scream@jbuckstudios/TikTok/Dimension Films

Drew Barrymore ended up dialling 911 over and over again during the production of Scream‘s best sequence. 

It’s the moment I’ll first and forever think of whenever Scream rears its head: Casey Becker’s movie night-in from hell, finding herself being pursued over the phone, through her home and in her garden by a masked killer who wants to ‘see what her insides look like’.


In-between being terrorised over the phone and hiding, Casey tries to call the Woodsboro police. These frenzied calls actually made it through to dispatch in real life.


Recalling reading the script to Entertainment Tonight, Barrymore said, ‘I was terrified. I was so messed up, but I thought… god, if it’s that good in the writing, can you imagine how good it will be when it comes to life? In a movie where I knew there was going to be a lot of tongue-in-cheek, I wanted it to seem very real and high-stakes.

‘It was intense. I remember driving home the night I wrapped and I was beat. I was exhausted.’

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As shared by JBuck (@jbuckstudios) on TikTok as part of a Scream trivia video, Barrymore apparently ended up calling 911 repeatedly because the prop master forgot to unplug the phone. A police officer reportedly phoned back halfway through a scene to make sure everything was okay, given the actor’s panicked state in her performance.

The TikToker also shared some other fun facts: caller ID sales more than tripled after the release of Scream; Casey’s father telling her mother to ‘go to the McKenzie’s’ is a nod to Halloween; and the film was loosely inspired by the Gainesville Ripper, who murdered five students in Florida in 1990.

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