Will Ferrell’s Original Elf Costume Sells For Six Figures At Auction

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Will Ferrell's Original Elf Costume Sells For Six Figures At AuctionNew Line Cinema/Pictorial Press/Everett Collection/Alamy

Son of a nutcracker! Will Ferrell’s Elf costume has fetched a whopping six figures at auction.

In 2003, Ferrell made Christmas history as Buddy; the all-singing, all-dancing, sugar-loving elf who travelled all the way from the North Pole to find his dad (James Caan) in New York.


While some critics believed the movie didn’t have what it takes to become a festive classic, they’ve been proven unequivocally wrong – Elf is now regarded as one of the best holiday movies of all time. As the countdown to Santa’s arrival begins, another human with an affinity for elf culture (and deep pockets) has picked up the actual costume from the film.

Still from movie Elf (New Line Cinema)New Line Cinema

During the Prop Store Entertainment Memorabilia auction on Tuesday, November 9, more than 1,000 pieces of treasured bits and bobs were up for grabs, including Tom Hanks‘ Wilson ball in Cast Away and the hoverboard from Back to the Future Part II, signed by Michael J. Fox.

Ferrell’s Elf costume comprises a green fleece, a pointed hat featuring a yellow pleated sash and a red feather, a matching green tunic with a white fur collar and cuffs, a pair
of yellow fleece-like stockings, and a pair of black leather shoes featuring curled toes.


It was expected to go for anywhere between around $27,116 to $40,675 (£20,000 to £30,000). In the end, an anonymous bidder shelled out $296,702 (£218,832) for the festive fit.

Buddy the Elf's costume. (Prop Store)Prop Store

Wilson From Cast Away Sells For Six Figures

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Ferrell recently spoke about turning down $29 million to do Elf 2, because he wouldn’t have been able to ‘promote the movie from an honest place’.

The Prop Store auction will continue today and tomorrow, with some incredible items available, including Howard Langston’s Turbo-Man boomerang from Jingle All The Way, expected to sell for between $2,708 and $4,062 (£2,000 and £3,000); Hit-Girl’s butterfly knife in Kick-Ass, expected to sell for $1,083 and $1,625 (£800-£1,200); and Michael Scott’s actual photo badge for Dunder Mifflin in The Office, expected to fetch $1,342 and $2,031 (£1,000 and £1,500).

Turbo Man's Boomerang. (20th Century Studios)20th Century Studios

‘Prop Store was founded on the belief that the props and costumes used in movies are pieces of art – film art. We see these artefacts not as mere by-products of the production process, but as unique, creative works in their own right,’ the brochure reads.

‘The result of the collective effort of designers, fabricators, and artisans from every corner of the globe, many of these pieces are simply extraordinary.’

You can view all of the items up for grabs in the auction here.


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