Woman Catches Husband ‘Cheating’ In Background Of The Apprentice


Imagine tuning into The Apprentice and being shocked by something other than how impossible to like young entrepeneurs are to like?

That’s what one women discovered Wednesday night.

Journalist Rosa Silverman was sent a picture of herself having lunch with her baby and husband Marcus Leroux in the background the the first episode of the new series of the hit BBC show.

There was one problem: on a closer inspection, Silverman realised it wasn’t her.

It was another woman that was cavorting with the dastardly Marcus.

Rosa was certain that if her fella was to conduct an affair behind her back, that he wouldn’t do so with their baby.

So what was going on?

Thankfully, the cheeky background snap didn’t end things between the couple.

She wrote:

After some time, he finally remembered: the Other Woman was in fact one of our mutual pals. He had further photographic evidence from the day itself to prove it. Not that I ever doubted him, naturally.

Rosa Silverman/Twitter

Sheesh. So Marcus isn’t dastardly so-and-so who uses his baby to pull girls over coffee after all, but rather a husband who enjoys keeping in touch with friends.

Rosa then told mates that she thought the panic was over.

She added:

To which one helpfully replied: ‘Why is the panic over just because it’s one of your friends? It’s still perfectly possible he’s cheating on you.’

Oh, wow.

I mean, yeah, it’s a fair point I guess. But jeez Louise there’s a time and place.

Poor Rosa. We wish her all the best.