Woman On First Dates Ex Broke Up With Her Because ‘She Wasn’t Attractive Enough’

Channel 4

Channel 4’s popular show First Dates is always guaranteed to make your heart melt and last night was no different.

The most gorgeous couple of the night were 26-year-old DJ Rashun and 30-year-old dental nurse Tara.

Single dad Rashun is tired of playing the field and is now looking for that special lady to settle down with.

Channel 4

In the show he told Tara that his six-year-old is always asking him if he has a girlfriend yet:

She went to me the other day, ‘oh dad, have you got a girlfriend yet?’

I went, ‘no why?’

She was like, ‘dad, you are so sad and depressed.’

It was Tara though who really pulled on our heart strings with an awful story about an evil ex.

Channel 4

When Rashun asked Tara why she was single she replied:

I always pick an arsehole.

The last person I was seeing broke up with me because I wasn’t attractive enough to be with.

Like he actually said that to my face.

I was quite a big bird before, I lost five stone.

Tara spoke to the show about her ex-boyfriend.

She said:

The connection was so real.

We got on, we had fun together.

He looked through my Facebook pictures and started sending them to me, when I was like really big.

He was like ‘OMG, look what I just found.’

It was almost like he was horrified, you know, that I was that person.

Channel 4

Rashun couldn’t quite believe her story exclaiming ‘woah, woah, woah, hold up!’

He sweetily replied:

I think that there is something wrong with him. He lost it.

That makes no sense.

I’m a bit confused. I don’t think that me and him are looking at the same thing.

I want to meet him and shake his hand and say thank you.

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However, things weren’t meant to be as although Rashun wanted another date with Tara, she said that he was too short to fancy!

There must be millions of women who are delighted though that Rashun is still single, and plenty of men who would want to show Tara that not all guys are arses.