Woman Tries To Attack Whole Audience on Jeremy Kyle, Sends Jez Flying


We’ve seen a lot of brawls on The Jeremy Kyle Show, but this one is up there for the most ambitious. 

In a segment called ‘You’ve banned me from my daughter for five years – today she comes home with me!’ on Friday’s show one irate guest tried to start on an entire audience with threatening results.

The segment began with raised voices and confrontation and, unsurprisingly, only went downhill from there; you can watch the whole sorry tale unfold below.

Emma, who was on the show with her ex became aggressive when she was heckled by the audience for her new three-week relationship.

Discussions of the ensuing custody battle became too much for Emma and she lashed out, knocking down Jeremy as she flew at the audience. Big Steve, Jeremy’s security guard was slow to respond to the sudden violent behaviour.

After running straight for Jeremy, she then made a play for audience members before the talk show host managed to calm her down.


The mother became hysterical when she was reminded of the true reason she was on the show; her child.

It’s not the first time – and certainly won’t be the last – Jeremy gets attacked by one of his distraught guests.