Woman Who Hasn’t Shaved In Five Years Shows Off Her Armpits On Live TV


Plucking, preening and pampering ourselves to the point of smooth perfection is a common beauty pursuit.

But one woman has decided to shun modern societal beauty (mis)conceptions and go au natural. Kate Smurthwaite recently displayed her underarm hair on This Morning to show women they shouldn’t feel pressure to shave.

You can watch her appearance in the clip below:

Kate hasn’t shaved for five years and, while the growth of bodily hair is perfectly natural – because biology and evolution exist – some viewers branded her ‘disgusting’.

Kate said:

It’s not manicured, I don’t do anything. I don’t want women to feel like there’s something wrong with their natural body.

Also on the show was Lizzie Cundy, a former professional footballer’s WAG who said she believed most men and women would find bodily hair ‘unattractive’.


Lizzie, who worryingly always carries a razor around with her, said:

I’m sorry it actually makes me feel quite queasy and ill. I do think it’s unattractive and I think most men and women don’t like underarm hair. It’s like Flintstones-ages, we’ve come a long way since then.

The segment divided Twitter:


Although the topic is evidently somewhat of a contentious issue, many have called out This Morning for entertaining a debate that is inherently subjective and entirely up to each individual woman.

Furthermore, vocalising the argument that men don’t like the look of underarm hair really missed the mark in terms of empowering women to do what they want with their bodies, rather than what their prospective partners want.

Juts do you, folks.