Woman’s Comments About ‘Real Lesbians’ On First Dates Sparks Furious Backlash

Channel 4

Zoe, a beatboxing lesbian, appeared on First Dates last night and caused controversy after saying it was difficult to find ‘real lesbians’.

The 21-year-old first asked her date Grace to spell ‘definitely’ which confused a lot of Twitter users and prompted numerous spelling jokes.

After getting off on the wrong foot with the spelling thing, Zoe then told the Channel 4 crew that her biggest problem was ‘finding an actual real lesbian’.

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On the show, Zoe from Nantwich, said:

At my age, it’s kind of the experimental year where everyone sort of goes ‘yeah I’ll get with a girl, yeah I’ll get with a guy’.

So it’s hard to find someone that’s genuine. At my school as soon as someone had too many vodka Red Bulls, everyone is gay.

It’s kind of like ‘okay so we swapped numbers last night but will she still be gay in the morning?’.

She then asked her date Grace how long she had been gay for.

A girl on Twitter who described her self as ‘bisexual’ expressed a lot of anger towards Zoe, saying she has a problem with bisexuals.

Many more were enraged at the pressure she put on Grace to spell a word, saying it was a ‘dealbreaker’ if she couldn’t.

Zoe, who said her biggest bugbear was grammar, said she wasn’t looking for ‘the stereotypical butch lesbian who has half their head shaved’, but for ‘the girls that are wearing dresses and make-up on’.

Apparently where she always goes wrong is that she always falls in love with straight girls.

So if you’re an ‘actual’ and ‘real’ lesbian (whatever that means), and you can spell definitely, then Zoe is the girl for you.

We’d best let Fred know Zoe’s criteria for the next date.