X Factor Fix Claims Resurface After Fans Spot Something Weird With Nicole Scherzinger


The X Factor has come under fire for allegedly being fixed once again after viewers noticed Nicole Scherzinger reacting to two separate acts in the exact same way.

Those watching last night’s episode may have noticed the 39-year-old judge’s emotional reaction to Jack Remington and Joel Fishel’s audition was identical to her reaction to Alisah Bonaobra’s.

Nicole leaned back in her chair with her hand on her chest looking extremely moved by the audition.

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However it is not clear what she is reacting to. Is it Alisha’s rendition of Listen? Jack and Joel’s upbeat tune? Or copied and pasted from somewhere else?

The hiccup calls into question the authenticity of X Factor’s editing as the reactions appeared on the show 28 days apart from each other with Nicole wearing the same red outfit.

An X Factor insider told the Sun:

It looks like this was an error in the editing of the show.

It doesn’t change the context at all but they’ll be looking into ways to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Seven million people were watching the ITV show last night, and many noticed the gaffe, slamming the show online.

It seems the ‘errors in editing’ are beginning to mount.