You Can Get Paid To Watch Every Episode Of The Simpsons

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You Can Get Paid To Watch Every Episode Of The SimpsonsDisney

At one point or another, almost everyone has sat down and watched The Simpsons, but how many of us could honestly say we’ve watched most, let alone all of the show’s giant back catalogue of episodes?

With more than 700 episodes and counting over the course of its historic 33 season run, getting through the entire history of the Simpsons family is a big ask, so much so that one company is offering to pay someone to take on the task.

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According to Newsweek, UK online gambling site PlatinCasino is offering one die-hard fan a lump sum to become their dedicated ‘Simpsons Series Analyst,’ giving them the gig of watching every single minute of show, from the first episode in 1989 to the most recent adventures of the famous yellow family. And yes, that includes the movie.

It might seem like an unlikely career path, but there’s a legitimate reason for the unique role, and it’s all to do with the series’ reputation for predicting future global events.

Over recent years The Simpsons has been credited with foreseeing everything from the horsemeat scandal to Donald Trump becoming president. Some of the links are more tenuous than others, but the show’s track record has clearly got PlatinCasino wondering just how many other predictions the show’s made that have flown under the radar.


As a result, they’re offering one lucky person £5,000 – or £6.80 per episode – to record a log of all of the significant storylines and events in the show’s history, in order to form a list of predictions that can be referred to in the future. Oh, and they’ll also throw in a box of doughnuts each week to sweeten the deal.

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‘After a hard couple of years, we at PlatinCasino.co.uk are intrigued to see what 2022 will hold. So ahead of the new year, we thought what better way than putting The Simpsons to the test and seeing if, after searching each series, we can predict what the next year, and future, has in store for us,’ said Philip Wicinski, U.K. Country Manager at PlatinCasino.co.uk.

‘We think the job is a unique and dream role for many—who wouldn’t love getting paid to watch TV, let alone The Simpsons? If you wouldn’t mind spending the next few weeks watching the most loved cartoon family on TV while getting paid for it, please apply now!’


So, if you’ve got a spare eight weeks to binge-watch one of TV’s most beloved and enduring creations, here’s an opportunity that’s unlikely to come around again. You can apply here.

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