You Can Now Buy Rachel’s Apothecary Table From Pottery Barn

by : Emily Brown on : 13 Jul 2019 15:05
You Can Now Buy Rachel's Apothecary Table From Pottery BarnWarner Bros/Pottery Barn

If, like Phoebe, you hate ‘mass produced stuff’ then look away now because Pottery Barn have started selling Rachel’s apothecary table, which FYI is definitely not from the days of yore. 

Friends fans will be very familiar with the coffee table which took pride of place in both Phoebe and Rachel’s and Ross’s apartments.


Although in the show Rachel actually bought the item from the home furniture store Pottery Barn, she claimed to have got it from a flea market for the low low price (I think) of ‘one and fifty dollars’.

Apothecary table friendsWarner Bros.

To avoid feeling Phoebe’s wrath, she allowed her roommate to believe the drawers, which could hold 300 CDs, had been used to hold potion-making ingredients.

Naturally Rachel’s lies eventually unravelled when Phoebe spotted the very same table in Pottery Barn but by that time she’d already fallen in love with the furniture.


The good news is you’ll soon be able to get your hands on your very own apothecary table as later this month the furniture store is introducing a new collection of pieces inspired by the beloved sitcom, including accessories, furniture, and tabletop items.

The limited edition collection will drop ahead of the show’s 25th anniversary and according to Entertainment Weekly items will start at just $12.50.

One picture shared by Pottery Barn shows the table topped with a Central Perk mug, while a sofa in the background is adorned with a Friends-themed pillow.


Admittedly in this day and age you probably wouldn’t need to store 300 CDs in the table’s many draws but at least one of them could come in handy for storing your remote, which you can then use to binge the series on repeat. (While you still can.)

You could fill the other draws with snacks and supplies to ensure you can settle into your screening for the long run.

Friends pottery barn collectionPottery Barn

It’s not clear whether the collection will include Rachel’s ‘room separating apparatus’ or the large cage used by ‘Colonial bird merchants’ but I’m sure Friends fans will have a field day as they redecorate their house as a tribute to the iconic show.


I think a few people will end up with this table after Pottery Barn launches its collection but at least there’ll be no need to hide it under a sheet this time – it’s all about the fandom sticking together!

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