You Can Now Buy Your Own Inflatable Moe’s Tavern

Fox/The Inflatable Pub Company

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting Homer Simpson’s local dive bar Moe’s Tavern for a cold and frosty Duff beer then we’ve got some good news for you – you can own your own Moes.

Of course it’s not made out of bricks and mortar like we presume the real pub is (It’s so dark and dirty that it’s hard to say with any certainty what it’s actually made of) it’s an inflatable version but it’s still pretty cool.

Unfortunately you can’t buy it yet and when it finally comes to market later this year it’s going to be really expensive, like stupid expensive, costing roughly $4,500 (£3,500).


The inflatable pub will be able to accommodate 60 people comfortably and features a fully functional bar, made from the same material as bouncy castles, which has been made to resemble the iconic tavern.

Let’s hope it’s cleaner than the version on TV…

The demo version of the pub is going on tour later this year before it’s made available to the pubic and will be touring cities like London, Los Angeles, and Dublin.

A spokesperson for the pub said: 

Effectively it is like a blow-up marquee, and made from the same material as a bouncy castle, but the interior will be an exact replica of the one in the Simpsons,We are even hoping to be able to import and provide Duff beer like Homer drinks.

Of course for £3,500 you could probably visit the real life Moe’s Tavern at Universal studios and enjoy a delicious Flaming Homer Moe!