You Can Now Have Your Own Hugsy The Penguin Just Like Joey

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The giant dog statue, Ross’s synthesiser, Phoebe’s guitar; these are the things in no particular order I’d have off the set of Friends if I had the chance, but it turns out there’s something for sale from the set that you guys are probably going to want to buy more.

Although while we’re still putting a 90s wish list out there can I request suits are cut again to shapes more befitting tents and some kind of stable housing and employment markets. Please.

No, it turns out all these things above are but dreams of the past but it’s okay because we’ve got the one perfect napping buddy heading your way – make yourself comfortable because you can get your hands on Hugsy.

Yep, Joey’s not too secretive bed friend, that adorable fluffy toy that he pinched from baby Emma’s cot – it’s alright, it was his in the first place – is available to buy online. That wasn’t supposed to sound so weird.

You remember, Rachel has a baby, Emma, and then Joey comes home to find Emma has taken a shine to Hugsy. Joey buys a replacement but Emma’s smart and doesn’t take to fake Hugsy. Joey then tries to steal Hugsy back but the baby outsmarts the adult baby. ‘How do you think I got him in the first place?’ he explains to a shocked Rachel.

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Hugsy was something of an underrated star of the 90s sitcom and even made appearances in Joey. And now he can make an appearance in your bedroom or whatever room you choose to do your napping in.

Head over to online store AliExpress for a napping buddy that won’t steal your pizza. Look at these guys.

friends hugsy

Do you know what else looks good? Five pounds off the regular asking price. Oh my God. Yeah, these little fluffy guys normally retail for $36.69 (£28) but for the next two days there’s 16 per cent discount, so you can snuggle up to for just £30.82 (£23) – assuming you get one.

But then look at the five of them, you might as well get a load because they ship worldwide, makes sense right, if you’re going to pay for global shipping charges, and with the discount the fifth one would pay for itself technically.

Imagine the comfy-warmness you’d have snuggling up on your sofa in front of Friends on Netflix. But if you’ve already finished watching the series (well, it’s been on the streaming service ages and more than 14 years since the last episode aired), you might be wondering what happened to everyone.

Well, we know Joey went out to Los Angeles and then had a go at Top Gear, but what about Ross and Rachel, the couple that put fun into ‘dysfunctional relationship’.

rachel ross friendsWarner Bros. Television

While attending a comedy show-runners panel for The Wrap’s Emmy Series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actor Rachel Bloom asked Friends co-creator David Crane the question on everybody’s lips:

In your opinion, Ross and Rachel, how they doing?

Are they still together? Is that sustainable?

To the delighted squeals of Friends fans everywhere, Crane replied:

Yes. Come on, they worked really hard, ten years.

That’s good to know, almost as good to know that Hugsy wound up on an online market site.

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